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Workaround for Multiple Product Types (unique attributes)- How!?

I can’t find a clear answer to this query so thought some other people will also appreciate clarifying the best solution.

I’m making a site with ecommerce, which needs to sell physical products like magazines and merchandise, and also offer booking for events. The physical products and the events require different fields of content, so as far as I can tell I have two options:

  1. I can add enough fields to my Products Collection to include the relevant info for both types of product. This would mean some are only used for physical products and some are only used for events, leaving irrelevant fields empty each time a product is added.

This option seems undesirable however because it will be harder to organise, and less intuitive to my client when using the finished site. It would also need quite a lot of conditional visibility on the Products Template that will get complicated. So, I’d like to know the best way to achieve the other option:

  1. Assign the different types of product to their own CMS Collections which can host the relevant information for each, and then include an Add to Cart element on the relevant CMS template pages so that they effectively act as product pages. In this case the Products Collection would only contain a minimum amount of information for shipping, pricing and categories.

So, is anybody able and willing to tell me the best way to achieve this? Essentially I’m asking for a workaround to be able to be able to create multiple Product Collections that contain different fields corresponding to different templates…

Thanks in advance!

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I found this solution via this thread, which sounds similar to what I’m describing but doesn’t clarify the process required to achieve this:

What will be handling E-Commerce; Webflow or some third-party system?

Hey @webdev This is using the Webflow Ecommerce

Add a reference field to the #2 collection. Bind it to products. Edit #2 collection template. Add a collection list to the page. Bind to products. Add fields from products. Add add to cart element, then add Cart to page. That’s it. So you just need to have the “Product” in collection #2, have a matching product in Products (which you select when editing #2 collection items).


Brilliant, thanks @webdev – hopefully this will be a useful post for other people looking to do the same

@webdev @Maxwell I’m struggling to understand how to correctly add Add to Cart element to the relevant CMS collection page. How did you end up accomplishing this?
Currently, you can see a long list of all the products rather than the current product.

Read only link: