Work Possibilities - Abroad/International , Type of question here. Looking for insights

Gonna be asking around about this, but as the year is coming close to an end, I have been thinking what kind of adventure I want to embark on for the next year to come and onward.

And here is the thing, I come from a place where design/web design in general, is non-existent, in fact peoples don’t even care about having a website that much due of :
A) Limited possibility of receiving income from sites
B) Still slowly developing
C)Paypal Restrictions, you can’t receive payments. Have to relay mainly on Bank wire if that is available.

So I have been thinking maybe it’s possible to work aboard, but that in itself is definitely scary, especially when you’re going into an unknown place without realizing what kind of situation you’re putting yourself in.

But even so, what kind of possibility is there for getting a workplace that helps you out with visa, moving in to a new country United States or Netherlands (What I seen Netherlands is one of those place where companies are more about you need a degree or bust out), while in the US its more about your experiences, what you can do and open-mindedness.

This is where I am at with design

Currently delving more into learning Webflow for more front-end related design. So yeah, I am really curious about the potential that lays out there.

I have been checking sites such as Awwwards, TNW, Dribbble, Behance, WeWorkRemotely, Abduzeedo, Designer News on a consistent basis, to find maybe work places that will help with moving abroad, while continuing to execute side projects such as
- Daily UI (Not really Daily, since I take my time with each)
- Learning Webflow (Started Recently)

PS : I am from Curacao, that is within the Caribbean.

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