Work-Around for Limited Formatting in Rich Text Elements?

I started using Webflow in 2015, and, at that time, the formatting options for Rich Text Elements were very limited, so that I have been creating “blog” posts as static, standalone pages with manual links.

I’m at the point where I need to expand the amount of content I’m working with because I want to “blog” a book. Unfortunately, RTE options are still extremely limited, so that I can’t create things like multi-level lists, figure captions, reference lists, etc.

It’s looking like I might need to leave Webflow to do what I want to do. While I can continue to create static pages for blog posts, I will quickly run up against the static page limit, since a blogging a book will require more than 100 pages.

Has anyone come up with a viable workaround for creating an equivalent of CMS content that has more sophisticated formatting than is currently allowed using RTE? Has anyone created a similar project – either in Webflow or with another platform?

I know I’m fishing here, but I really love the design flexibility offered with most of Webflow – it’s so much better than any other platform I’ve used. It would be really disappointing to have to find something else.

(I’ve already added my vote here:

Thank you!

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