Wordpress Webflow Pages plugin does not pull pages correctly

Hi all,

Since two days the webflow pages plugin does not allow me to select a Webflow page in the dropdown any more, instead it shows “detail_article” (article is a CMS collection, so basically “detail_collection-slug”).
Also all existing mappings show “detail_article” as well as the target Webflow Page, are still functional though.

This only affects the static pages, not the collection pages.

Resetting the plugin and entering a new API key doesn’t work. Also unpublishing and republishing the webflow site doesn’t have any effect.

Does anyone else have this or ever experienced it? Would appreciate any ideas how to fix it! I don’t recall anything else that changed on the setup.


Update: It appears that the static-manifest.json file has the wrong list of pages already:


Does anyone know how I can recreate this?

Webflow has resolved this issue which seems to have been global. In case anyone else is experiencing it, unpublishing and republishing rebuilts the static-manifest.json file and Webflow Pages plugin works again.