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Wordpress to Webflow Migration Question

Hi! I am inheriting a website and I’ve got an important question. I believe there is a htaccess file set up where it redirects from https:// to https://www. I am not sure why this was set up yet but do not want to change it until I know for sure why.

So I am currently in the process of carefully organizing my workflow in a plan to switch this site from Wordpress to webflow. I am doing this because webflow design is absolutely beautiful, and there is way better performance in terms of lighthouse reports.

When I pull my google search console and look at my top posts (because they are the first priority in migration) it is showing some URLS twice. One with www. and one without. How can I ensure that when we make the switch, we will keep traffic from both?

I set up a smaller website on web flow and when I connected the custom domain I connected one with and without www. Does this solve the problem?

Thanks in advance