Wordpress Plugin Alternatives

Hi there! I’m really wanting to go down the path of Webflow as a main CMS but the one thing holding me back is the Wordpress plugins I’ll miss out on, especially for booking calendar integrations make for Wordpress, SEO plugins and Nitropack.

Is there an alternative to Wordpress plugins or do I have to hardcode all that WP plugins has to offer into Webflow?

Many thanks for your help community :slight_smile:

Hey !

With webflow, the SEO is natively onboard.
You can setup your SEO options directory in the webflow designer.

For your Booking caldendar you can use the calendly intégration, embed an other or build your own solution with custom code.

For the website speed, you have many options to minify some CSS or JS and with the good pratices, your website may have a good score !