Wordpress migration to Webflow - dns records & CMS

Hi there
I recently migrated a wordpress site to webflow and I must have messed up something while connecting the domain from GoDaddy. When I open the site, and run BuiltWIth for some reason wordpress still shows up as CMS with Webflow.

When I first connected the domain to webflow, the wordpress site design got published, I got little freaked out and was like wtf I hope I didnt just loose the site, so I hit the publish again and the webflow design actually published. Weird

Anyway curious if anybody experienced something similar
thanks, Adam

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Maybe you should upgrade to pro and ask them what’s taking so long. But seriously why would this matter and is it worth the energy burn of posting?

If you just recently made the switch, you’ll have to wait a bit for everything. Can get weird. When switching a domain to Webflow, I’ll typically see the older (non-Webflow) site as the thumbnail in my Webflow dashboard. Just takes a while to completely swap over.