Wordpress membership website migration

Hi guys

I’ve been migrating a WordPress membership website to Webflow.

The website has a series of blog posts with a lot of customized fields. I have exported all of them in CSV and I have more than 150 items with 24 columns.

Here is the problem:

I want the items to be browsed by the user with 9 main categories and tens of subcategories. In short, there must be a hierarchy as shown in the picture here:

This is the column of the CSV with the cell of the categories and subcategories:

I have understood that I can do this with reference and multireference options but I can’t figure out how I should address the various collection items and connect each other together.

As well, I want it to be browseable in the front-end by the user.

Any help?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yeah this is type of problem seems to come up a lot for me in my projects. Working with different databases that all have different structures always screw me up.

Anyways you should be able to connect the csv-fields to the appropriate webflow CMS-data during the import. Take a look at this article here: