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Wordpress amendments on webflow?

Hi guys! I’m new to webflow so forgive my ignorance. I have just received a request asking me to make changes to an existing website built on wordpress.

I have no experience on wordpress at all. Can I make these changes on webflow and still let them use the wordpress platform or would I have to convert?

Any help would be amazing!

Thank you. :grin:

I’m sorry but why you think about to take a job on platform you are not familiar with where there is many others who work with this platform daily? If you will ask me to fix a car engine I will say “Im sorry but this is not what I do” because I have no idea how and not “yes I will look on to it what I can do”
But it is just me. :slight_smile:

@Gareth_Ellison there are services that can convert Webflow to a Wordpress theme, but it seems like overkill for what you want to do. Also, Wordpress sucks so there’s that but check this

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Wordpress and Webflow are two very different beasts, and Wordpress is by default PHP based. You could create stuff in Webflow, then export it to a Wordpress site (or do it with the Webflow plugin), but this does not seem like it’s anything you’d want to do here.

To make changes on a Wordpress site you need to know Wordpress, and likely know PHP.

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Hi guys! Thank you so much for your responses.

Stan, I’m fairly new to web design. The request came through for changed to made to a wordpress website. I confirmed I had not experience with this platform and client asked if I could transfer them across as he liked my designed. I knew the code could be copied across, however, wasn’t sure how easily it was to do and transfer back across. Thus, the inquiry in the first place.

Original message: “Hi guys! I’m new to webflow so forgive my ignorance. I have just received a request asking me to make changes to an existing website built on wordpress.”

J8kes and Fonsume, this is more than helpful responses and gives me a great indication as to whether to accept the job. The client only wanted a few changes done to a Wordpress website. So wondered how easily I could make changes on webflow. I’ll have a look at the link you kindly copied in for future reference. However, can see from your replies it wouldn’t be worth my while. I’m new to all of this so still learning. But thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my inquiry. Very much appreciated indeed.


hi @Gareth_Ellison that why I have asked why you just didn’t simply said “Sorry I’m designer and not a developer so I can’t do this job for you” There is nothing wrong to say that I can’t do job. It prevents your reputation because if you will take job you can’t fulfil for client on 100% you will loose not only trust of this client but as well other potential clients that may come out from this job.

All my comments I post (not only on this forum) are meant to be beneficial even that in first place may look a bit harsh. I just like to tell truth despite you like it or not. :wink:

Thanks Stan. Appreciate your feedback. Although ‘just’ a designer at this point, I want to stretch my limits and test my boundaries while maintaining a high level of service. I take great pride in my work and would never accept a job I knew I couldn’t fulfill. However, as previously mentioned, I’m very new to this. Therefore, at this early stage, i have no idea how easy or hard it is to transfer designs or make amendments across platforms. Thus again why I asked the question and put it to the forum. Which I have been kindly helped with.

Let me put it another way. With my inexperience, say I turned down the job straight away, and the forum kindly got back to me to say this can easily be done by such and such, and copy the code across and that’s you done. If I had turned down that very job without knowing the facts about how easily difficult this is to do, I would then subsequently lose out on all similar jobs. Thats not good business sense Stan. What I have done is inquire, and now I know not to accept these types of jobs. Everyday is a school day right. I’m learning. :grinning:

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Depending on what that code is, it’s not necessarily a simple task to copy code between a Webflow site (which is usually just HTML / CSS) and a Wordpress site (which is usually written in PHP). But everything is possible, I guess :slight_smile:

Learning new stuff is always a good idea. When I was learning Wordpress I simply set up a small site for myself and started dicking around with everything, including doing very basic server stuff just to get a bit of knowledge. There are many guides that are helpful, and endless amounts of plugins. The whole Wordpress hate is wildly overrated, and PHP isn’t going away anytime soon.

My advice @Gareth_Ellison here is, for your benefit don’t test your skill you don’t have on your clients that are paying you for your expertise. They are not guinea pigs, but of course it’s your choice.

Hi @Fonsume I worked with WP only for few years and left it when I start developing from clean table. Recently I have got hint from one developer for WP tool that may convince me to look back on WP again.