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Wizard problem solve?

can i make wizard in webflow? if yes then how can i make wizard in webflow please if possible so plz send me some example

Basic wizard


By interaction - show/hide content on click:

screen 1: Click next (hide screen 1 - show screen 2)
screen 2: Click next (hide screen 2 - show screen 3)
and so on…

  • The same idea for the “back” button:
    screen2: Click back (hide this (screen2) show screen1)

Little tidy but will work fine.

Form Wizard validation

More complex.

"The problem" in form-wizard the next button should be clickable only after the user fills up the form of stepX (+ validation). You could solve this only by custom code -or- use JS-plugin:

Wizard plugins are not so simple (You should know a little JS -or- hire freelancer).