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Within Navbar language Change Button next to Burger Icon

I would like to place a language change button on the right side of the burger icon for tablet and phone versions.

I tried giving the navbar 85 VW and placing a link block with 15 VW next to it. It worked fine except the dropdown then also only was 85 VW. Everything else I tried failed.

Anyone knows a way to solve this? Thank you in adavance,


I used flex for the nav mobile - check the attach video :slight_smile:

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WOW! This looks like a great way to do it. I will try it (after my lunch break) Thank you!

Worked perfect, thanx again

Hi Mos (is this right?),
I have a problem, been working on it for a few hours now and just can’t get it solved.

I put an new element in this website: (starting page, under the hero image: Recent Informationen for Refugees from Gambia concerning Deadlines … )

It looks okay here, but on the actual website the font of this paragraph is Arial instead of Open Sans and it is slightly out of place.

I re-uploaded the files about 10 times, redid the paragraph but I just can’t get it working. Other changes I made at the same time are displaying well.

Maybe you see the solution.

Best wishes,


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