Wistia Turnstile form isn't working when embedded in Webflow

Hi there!

Looking for community help after exhausting all my options with support at Wistia and Webflow. I’m having an issue when the embedded Wistia video’s Turnstile option is not working. However, it works just fine on the Wistia website. After doing some testing and embedding on an empty website, it seems to work there. So, something from our custom code is interfering with this Wistia feature. Our custom code is just analytics tools and marketing tracking (GA4, Hubspot, Intercom). Can someone help me find the issue?

Here is the link to the page with embedded video and form (second video under Panel Recording section, and the form pops up at 1 min and 6 seconds):

Many thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Omega Point

Hello @Kamila_Simon, the Turnstile option worked for me, I don’t know if you fixed the issue already, but it all seems to work now, I played the video and after a min and six seconds the form appeared on the video. I hope this helps!

Hi @Pablo_Cortes !

Thank you for looking into this. I’m not sure how you were able to watch the video, as I tested right now and still doesn’t work. I also haven’t seen your submission. There are two videos on that page, so I wanted to see if you tested the right one:

I see what you mean now, so yeah the Wistia Turnstile shows, but it doesn’t continue playing after I fill out the form and press play. So, like you mentioned if it works on an empty site, the Wistia form is probably being blocked by one of your marketing tools. Test removing them one by one to see which one is the culprit. My guess is that is it the Hubspot one, because typically they block Webflow forms (or any form) from submitting to Webflow and go directly to a Hubspot database instead. Try removing the Hubspot code to see if it works without it, and maybe then connect the data you get from the Wistia form with Hubspot? Wistia offers that option. Does that make sense? I hope this helps.

I tried to completely remove all custom code, and the issue still appears for some reason. This website wasn’t built by me, but I built this landing page, so I’m not sure if there is anywhere else I can access the code.

Yeah so if there is no custom code on the site settings or the page settings then the site doesn’t have any extra code. Then I think your issue has to do with your Wistia settings. You mentioned that it works on an empty site, right? do you have both videos on that empty site? or just the one with the Turnstile option?

Hey @Kamila_Simon, so I checked your form again and it is a Hubspot form, probably from the integration from Wistia and Hubspot. So this form comes from Hubspot, and you will need to check with them why it isn’t working. I hope this helps!

Thank you, Pablo_Cortes! Yes, I currently use the Hubspot form with the integration in Wistia. But even with the original Turnstile, it acts the same way. I tried using both, and now switched back to Hubspot because we needed to distribute that recording and capture leads.

A while back I cloned that project to test some things out. Somehow this works in that project, which technically has the same settings. I’ll try testing on a different page to see if maybe the issue lays in the page.

I see, good luck with that. Another thing that might be causing your issue is the Hubspot submission settings. Check if the form is accepting all emails or just work emails or some similar restrictions.