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Wishlist tool missing-for normal cms

HI there @webflowpros we started with webflow ecommerce, given that webflows ecommerce sucks up until now, cause all important features are missing or impossible to implement we switched to the normal cms and for checkout we use @foxy. Foxy has an amazing support team which helped us in an unseen and unexpected way, they totally overdelivered in many ways, especially @Josh from foxy. But we still have problems, we can’t find a way to implement a wishlist where people can check products they like but don’t want to purchase right now. We need a wishlist based on the ip adresse of a user, we don’t want them to log in or sign up just to ckeck a produkt to a wishlist. Maybe someone here has an idea or a tool to recommend to us. Thanks in advance, Christine and Micheal PS: DON’T USE WEBFLOW for ecommerce projects, do yourself a favor and save your time and sanity:)) Sorry webflow but that’s the truth. In the 21st century not only design needs to be amazing!

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Hi @fastfutureforwardcw.
Please see my notes here: Want to create a Shopping cart / Wishlist Wishlists are possible with Memberstack.