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Wishes for a much better forms functionality

Wishes for a better form in webflow.

  • remove
  • choose what email every form should send data to
  • Send an automatic response
  • Being able to edit the email that the form receiver gets (the client Im making the site for). In text and in format (color, bold etc)

Pretty much everything you can to today with would be great to have in webflow :smile:


I adhere to your list,
Although the “Send an automatic response” feature was added yesterday: :smiley:


I think what he meant by “automatic response”, is like send a canned return email message to the sender, like

“Your email has been received. We will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you.”

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I think Webflow does not seem to be heading towards highly customized emails, but focusing on the designer features.

Their response would be to integrate mailchimp or another third-party service.

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No that’s not automatic response, thats just response @DharmaNode :wink: