Wish List: Publish Opens Current Page Not Homepage

One very small thing that drives me somewhat crazy in Webflow is when you publish your site and click on the button to open the published site in a new window it opens up the homepage and not the page you’re currently on.

Often times I want to share that page with a team member in Slack. If Webflow opened the current page and not the homepage, it’d be much easier for me to just copy the URL and paste into Slack.

Even better would be a Slack + Webflow integration. :wink:


Hi @DavidB

Have you made sure that you have the correct page SET as your home page in the PAGES menu.

I have done a short video explaining what I mean.

[Home Menu In Pages1

Hope this helps, otherwise please add your share link and I will take a look for you.


Sorry @DavidB

I just read your post again an realised I did NOT answer it!

You have also raised a good point, I do not know the answer!

I must be having a DUH moment!



i totally agree. this would be a great change.

What is slack? - just curious.

Have you ever used Asana? I like that tool a lot.

@seank check out Slack: https://slack.com/ it’s awesome :smile:

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Yes please… This drives me nuts :slight_smile: