Wish : Collaborative Knowledge Foundation product suite

Hello there, while working on my project - which I consider complex - on webflow (as a beginner, really userfriendly helpfully !), I have done plenty researches across this forum, webflow university, courses, guides and across the web in order to :

  1. know if I need to take a paid plan to develop my project
  2. be aware of what existing in webflow regarding the development of my projet
  3. be aware of what existing across opensource and businesses JS,HTML,CSS frontend and backend works regarding the development of my projet

and I figured out :

  1. Answer is obviously yes, this is why point 3. I need to access custom code, I need to experiment CMS deeply and mostly I need to produce a beta of my project with restricted budget
  2. I founded webflow really usefull for blog, online shop, portfolio AS described in webflow statements but - and this why point 3. - my project needs some improvement I can’t find anywhere across webflow, unless doing serious custom coding
  3. I founded plenty solutions which are more or less adaptable regarding to my project… and I recently founded THIS : https://coko.foundation/product-suite/ & https://www.pagedmedia.org & https://markjs.io/which fits perfectly with my project’s SCOPE.

That is why, I asking myself If there is a possiblity or a way to add those (opensource under MIT liscence products to webflow) OR If I will able to implement these with custom coding.
Thank you in advance to take this into consideration , and feel free to coment and critisize my feedback.
Thank you Webflow staff, thank you community :slightly_smiling_face:


https://coko.foundation/product-suite - which one?

https://www.pagedmedia.org - this looks like a blog, not a tool/service/library

https://markjs.io - yes

Actually, at this time I need COKO’s image image and a part of image

Note : https://www.pagedmedia.org is just dealing with about documentation regarding to COKO.

Note II : my project also needs

  • http://www.passportjs.org/ : integer an easy way to create accounts
    - an effective management of access rights I didn’t find yet
    - an effective way to let users works by collaboration I didn’t find yet (perhaps with PubSweet)