"wireframe pages" in Webflow editor

This is more about food for thought rather than a specific suggestion. It is nothing urgent either, but I’d be glad to hear opinions of other users.

What about “marrying” page creation and wireframing into Webflow for the sake of convenience? What I have in mind is a possibility to create new “wireframe pages” in the editor where you just draw your ideas, as with any other online wireframing tool.

Then you should be able to go to a “coding mode” where your screen is split in halves so that you would be able to code what you see on the wireframe.

For the sake of convenience again, the wireframe pane, should be very easy to toggle on and off so that it does not take space when the coder needs to code without looking at the wireframe any more for a while.

This whole thing could possibly greatly facilitate communication between clients and coders or between usability experts and coders.

To my personal opinion, what you told about is totally different from Webflow platform (tool, framework).

This is why I’ve been thinking about some sort of “inserting” an existing wireframing software into those “wireframe pages”, so that Webflow does not digress from its focus of developing a site creation tool.

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