Window's size changes after menu is opened

here’s the link -

Please click “O MNIE”, and open the menu

Window changes its width and height and I don’t understand why.

Thanks !

Hi !

this is the another problem which I am facing, it’s more visible on live site - (open MENU)

Hey @Michal_Wawrzyniec_Ja

I’m not sure if i understand the issue.
When i click on menu it does that :

Can you screenshot or be more explicit please ?

I assume that you’re talking about the browser’s scoll bar coming into view as soon as the drop-down appears, making the page content move slighty. This is because the drop-down is contained in a DIV (class=“w-nav-overlay”). This DIV is given a height so large that it ‘stick out’ of the bottom of the page.

I cannot immediately see how to fix this with your set-up from within the Designer. I’d suggest you set up the menu again. Use a Navbar element, and then add a ‘Dropdown’ element within the Navbar. Then use the Designer to style the Dropdown, e.g. remove the down arrow.

@zbrah strange, I don’t know why your browser doesn’t show the right side of the site, cause that’s where the problem is :), and thanks @spirelli for your idea, I’ll try it

@Michal_Wawrzyniec_Ja Oh you talking about that ?

It’s simply because you told webflow to do it :wink:
You have max width set to 1920px on normal nav section

Just leave it on auto

Same thing for your footer

Won’t it affect the layout on big screens ? cause that’s why I set it to these values

Nope i’m using a 27inch 2560x1440px and everything looks fine :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to check the little solved box if it solved your issue :wink:

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