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Windows 10 styling

Im having some trouble with my site. It works fine on my mac but when I tried it in windows 10 none of the carousels worked ( the arrows wouldnt change the image to the next one) also my menu is set up so that the word has a line through it when your on the page and that also isn’t showing up in windows 10. Would love to know what I’ve done wrong

Hello @rae, thanks for creating your first post here in the community, I am @cyberdave and ready to help.

Could you help to take a screenshot of the slider arrows that are not working as you expect and let us know what page that is one? I assume the word with the line is on the same page? A screenshot of that would also help.

We here at Webflow use a good tool:

Thanks in advance.

I have the site set up as one long scrolling page. Its a portfolio is each section has the same format. This is a screen shot of the side menu that has a line through the menu when your linked to that section and the carousel arrows