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Window Cleaning Project Near Completion

Let me know what you guys think of the feel and build of this project - near completion - I would really like to hear you guys feedback. Better content will come later on e.g - picture quality and more text etc - possible change in colour theme too. -

Hi, congratulations on your site :slight_smile:

You can make a good use of the Container element, so that your content stays in the grid and centered on the site.

Drag a container here and put the text inside it, you’ll see how it nicely gets centered after that.

And to make your text a little less dense, try to spread it into 3 paragraph, and give the container parent a column attribute with a value of 2, this will make nice columns and make the text easier to read.

Also it’s not customary to hide the menu item of the page you’re on, it’s a little confusing. Instead, style the one of the page you’re designing, it will have the Current attribute close to its class name. Give it a different color, and you’ll see items take this color when the page related to them is loaded.

Hope this helps!