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Will Webflow support New Firefox Quantum? (For designing)

Hi webflow team, as everyone know that New Firefox: Firefox Quantum just came out today.

Because some user probably still use firefox for their main browser,
So, I wonder is there any plan to support firefox for designing in the future?
especially after they said: built on a completely overhauled core engine. on their blog

Thank you

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Works fine on my site :slight_smile:

Ah sorry… I mean for designing, not for browsing

Screenshot-2017-11-15 Webflow - bg-scroll-demo

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It’s still not supported for Webflow Design. Hope the team is working on this because Quantum is very fast!

Hi Everyone. Great news today. While we’re not providing support for Firefox officially, you’re all free to try it out. Report bugs in the experimental browsers forum category to help us figure out what we’ll need to do once we’re ready.

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