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Will we see the interaction X3?

Today’s animation opportunities are great, but I want more. Most likely, now the webflow team is busy developing a personal account, registration, etc., but just wondering, knowing that there is a support service here, I would like to ask - are there any plans to improve today’s animation capabilities?

I personally hope there will be no such drastic changes as it was the case coming from IX1 → IX2. Just let the team add more triggers and options but not complete redesign of the interface and process.

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@dram It seems to me that the new interface is much more logical and clear, or am I wrong?

Now we can twist and turn, I would like to see more opportunities to create more complex things. And this, unfortunately, is not triggers, but something completely new and powerful

What I mean is after introducing ix2, ix1 were abandoned as a system. Hopefully the ix2 will see only evolutionary changes not complete rewrite.