Will there be a next Webflow?

Vlad, when I have to tell clients that the feature they require is not supported by Webflow or when I have to tell them that no one knows when this or that impertinent bug would be fixed, or when I have to argue hard with developers that they should stick to Webflow (yup, I happen to be advocating Webflow, believe it or not) even though it is lacking in the scope they need, then, trust me, if you could hear their tone and direction, you’d be amazed how strongly those are in violation with the community guidelines. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t change the fact that this kind of language doesn’t belong here. Thanks for understanding, and please keep that in mind in the future when you choose to share your opinions.

Meanwhile, I’m unlisting this post not in small part because it starts with unfounded hyperbole such as “webflow is dead” that is not helpful to anyone.