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Will switching a current pages to a new redesigned page break SEO?

Hi everyone! I have a Webflow SEO question… Our company’s Homepage that I built on Webflow about a year and a half ago needs some redesigning.

I’ve built an updated version within the same same site but we’re a bit hesitant to pull the switch because of SEO. Our site just got to the first page on Google for the keywords we wanted and we’re afraid changing the homepage and main navigation would mess up our ranking and general SEO. Is this true?

Has anyone done a full homepage switch/update before and what’s the best way yo do it? Would love to pick your brains on this…

Thanks a lot everyone!



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As long as your using all the same key words, and are practicing other best practice methods, it should be fine. Your URL structure won’t be any different, since you’ll be setting your new one to the homepage it’ll just take over the root URL.

I would recommend turning your old into a draft, as having two pages with the same content could hurt your Seo.

I would say just give it a good once over, double check your key words, alt tags, meta name, etc and make sure it’s all set, and then you should be good.

Might even be good to run a speed test against each to see how the new one performs against the old.