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Will receiving a transferred project from an IX2.0 beta tester grant me access to IX2 for that project?


Quick question… if I hire a Webflow expert to create a dynamic page requiring some work using IX 2.0, will that give me earlier access to IX 2.0 if I need to make some changes to the animation after?


You mean you’ll be transferring a project to them, then they transfer it back to you after?

I can test this out for you. Send me an empty “test” project and I’ll send it back to you.

None of your interactions that you created applied! And I still have interactions 1.0

It actually (kinda) works when published…

That means the IX2 is tied to the project and not account, but access to the IX2 tools are account-based.

So you could get your developer to create IX2 stuff, and if you need modifications after, you’ll have to transfer it back to him/her until IX2 is fully released.


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