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Will Migrating Hosting Break Subdomains?

I am in the process of building out a website for a client. It’s a little more complex of a build than some of the other simple sites I’ve built. They are migrating from Wordpress and the new website is going to be hosted on Webflow.

My question is somewhat complex? They have two subdomain links on their website (Ex: and that point to what look like externally developed web applications. When the new website launches and the domain is pointed to the newly developed webflow site that I’m creating, is that going to mess up their subdomain links? If I’m not mistaken, subdomains have their own CNAME records, etc. So, pointing the main domain name to the new webflow site shouldn’t affect the subdomains and where they point. My plan is to simply add those subdomain links as buttons in webflow on the main site I’m developing that link to those (Which is how it seems to be setup on their old site) I just want to make sure nothing breaks on launch. Thanks for the help!

You’re not mistaken

You’re right again here, it shouldn’t affect your subdomains.