Will I lose newer content that I've published if I restore a backup (news stories, products etc.)?

There are a few mistakes that have been published to Production in Designer. If I restore a backup from around a month ago, will I lose the new content that I’ve published in Editor, such as news stories, new products etc.?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Just tested it, and yes, you’ll lose all the created CMS items.

Depending on how big the changes that you want to be reverted are, I’d recommend previewing the backup and then copy-pasting what you need in designer.

How does one copy-paste from a readonly backup snapshot? The Copy/Paste menu options in the context-menu do not work. The ctrl-c/ctrl-v keystrokes only work within a writeable project. I was unable to get the copied element to appear in the main timeline.

I figured out copy/paste using ctrl-c from the backup and ctrl-v on the mainline. The wrapper I copied was a static div.