Will converting my blog to a CMS collection affect SEO?

Hello! I built our current website in Webflow (my first time building a website) and when we originally started our blog, was building each post as a separate static page (this was early days and I wasn’t looking ahead). I’d like to convert the blog over to a CMS collection, but am concerned about whether or not this will impact the SEO of the site. Our blog has been one of the biggest traffic drivers to our site lately, and I don’t want to undo any of that!

Sorry for the somewhat ignorant question!!!

Thank you!

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As long as you setup redirects from your original static page paths to your new CMS blog article pages, you won’t see any traffic loss, and no long-term SEO impacts either.

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Ok! Thank you so much for your help!

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There are so many small details that are not mentioned here, and they could have a big (and negative) impact on your SEO. If search traffic is the biggest traffic driver you may want to consider taking that seriously by walking through your exact setup, and your specific needs with an SEO pro.

If the existing traffic is trivial, then you should be much more confident in just making the switch without speaking to a professional about it.

Good luck!