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Will client know site is built in webflow


Is it possible now to design a website in webflow for a client and the client not to have any way of knowing (in html, form notifications etc) that it’s built in webflow when you hand it over to them? Assuming the client pays me for the hosting etc?



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Even with the new CDN path, there are ways to determine; like the DNS CNAME setting as a big hint. Why hide it? I would think Webflow offers more confidence as a hosting partner than “name your agency”. Sell your markup or final price as a value add. I do. I have had no pushback.

If clients what to pay direct, let them, but then they can maintain settings and handle support issues right? It’s like when I spin up and maintain AWS servers for clients. They pay me a monthly fee well over and above my costs and they know exactly what I provide for it. Expertise and a single point of contact. That is gold.