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Will certain interactions cause issues for editors?


I have built a website and my client wants to be collaborator/editor to be able to make minor edits to the text themselves (rather than having to ask me to do it).

I will get them the CMS Hosting plan. My question is know if certain design / interactions I integrated will cause issues for my client to make text edits.

As an example: For the hero section I put a white div on top of the hero image that slides to the left open when the page loads to reveal the hero image. When I am working in the ‘Designer’ I have to hide that white div to make any changes to the heading on the hero image (or I would have to select the elements below that white div in the Navigator, but my point is, I can’t see the elements because they are under the white div that only goes away when the page loads.)

I don’t have much experience with the editor. Can I test this before choosing a custom domain and paying for hosting? It’s just important that my client can see and edit every heading and paragraph which I guess would not be possible when some text is hidden under a white div.

Many thanks for any help!

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Can anyone help with this? Can I possibly test how the editor will work and look like for my clients before I pay for hosting?