Will canceling webflow from hosting my wesite result in my website being removed from my Dashboard projects?

Hallo Webflow community.

I apologize in advance if this is a silly question
I pay per month $20,-. Now I won’t be needing my website portfolio till next year.
So i was thinking to cancel my hosting on webflow.
Now i’m afraid that cancelling my hosting subscription would result on the website being removed from the projects Dashboard and that I won’t be able to work or republish it again.
I worked a long time on it ! So would like to know it It’s possible to still keep your website in Dashboard projects after cancelling the subscription on Hosting in Webflow.


Hi @joel_van_rooij

Great question - and no worries, your site will stay intact, at home on your dashboard - ready for publishing again in the future :smiley:

Here’s more info on cancelling a Webflow Site Plan (hosting)

Feel free to contact us with any specific questions about your account or sites, and making any changes:

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