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Will canceling my site plan delete my website?


I’m trying to launch a client’s site, and have some questions around hosting.
This is my first time launching a WebFlow site, so I’m a bit nervous.

I’ve designed their site, and set up a site plan using their billing info.
Unfortunately, that sets their billing info as my default for all things WebFlow.

So, I need to cancel their site plan, and set it up through client billing.
If I cancel their site plan, will that delete their site?
I have an account plan (Lite), so I’m really hoping the answer is no.

I haven’t set up their custom domains, but need to do so.
As such, I’m thinking that canceling the site plan now is the best route, since it won’t cause any interruptions. I’m just terrified of accidentally deleting the project all together or something similar.

Is the best way to move forward?
Is there anything else I should be aware of that could go wrong? Anything I need to avoid?

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.



If you haven’t even set the custom domain then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Thanks Dram!

Seems like standard practice is to have an account plan, then set up client billing?

Depends. If you want to retain control of the website and maybe charge your clients for hosting then yes. If all you need is to hand the site to the client then just create their own account and transfer the site to them so that they handle the billing.

If I set it up through client billing, could I transfer it to them in a few months from now?

Sure, but yuo will have to pay monthly to not lose your yearly subscription then.