Will 200 audio players destoy SEO because of load time?

I plan on having an audio player for 200 pieces on this site. If you scroll to the bottom (Sleep Better section), you’ll see an example. The website isn’t complete, so only the first one has an audio player for now. Will having 200 of them make the load time too high? Any suggestions for reducing this?
Thank you!

Here is my site: [1]: https://meditativeprayers.webflow.io/

Haven’t looked at the site or the player you’re using, however, with the right library and scripting, you shouldn’t have any issues.

You want a solution that;

  • Only loads the library once for the whole page
  • Is lazy and asynchronous. Doesn’t load stuff that isn’t needed. Doesn’t try to cache the audio for 200 items

You could also just do one per page and put the player on your collection pages directly- those are probably more important for SEO anyway, since each page would get its own keyword-optimized title.