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Width problems with Facebook Like box


The problem is here:

This is an extract of a website in spanish, and the Facebook like button isn’t showing well (look at the picture) pls fix this adding more width to the box or something like that…


Thanks @Jaime, there is a known issue with the Facebook ‘like’ button and international language support.

We’ll try to implement a global fix as soon as possible, but in the meantime you can work around this by adding the following custom code embed to your page:

.w-widget-facebook iframe {
width: auto !important;

Hi @danro, I’m having the same problem and I tried to apply your solution.
However, I believe I am not adding the custom code to the right place, as it’s not working for me.
Could you please be more specific about where exactly we should add that custom code?

Many thanks.

BTW, my problem is actually the heigth of the box, as shown here:

Adding an height to the div didn’t help, and there is no internal padding-bottom, however the last line gets cut…