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Widget Adobe Muse in Webflow

Is it possible to do it in Webflow?

Possible to do what? Build that site in webflow? definitely

I can not imagine how to do it. Tabs? No. Interaction-click the first - the second? Also no… .

You simply need to create sections that are hidden and add an interaction to show/hide them on the button. You can see this on my site. Click the button LEARN MORE ABOUT RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN here

On your site it is simply because only one element. For several elements is not realized (((

You can do it with as many sections as you want. You just add into the interaction to hide the other sections. You can also do it with custom code like I did here.

It is very interesting. Thank you. But still it does not fit me. I have a number of displays is changed by narrowing of the browser screen. And you do not have.

Could you provide a read only link so that we can see how you did it? Here is how:

A link to the It is not my site. He made no Webflow. I need to make this site in Webfllow

Ooh alright, i thought you were rebuilding the site in Webflow, sorry.

But isn’t responsive, is that what you want?

Not sure. Probably, yes, not exercising responsive. It should be the most similar site. The customer has a desire)))

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