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Wich plan is the best for what I need?

hi webflow community,

I want to start an agency using only webflow for the designer but I want to host the websites we’ll create on others hosting services.

We will be 5 in the team. Basically, I will give instruction for the website design to my team. They will build it and then I will need to review it and probably make some corrections and do the SEO stuff myself.

After that I will need to export the code to host it.

What ll be the best plan for my need? Is it an obligation for my case to have a “enterprise plan”?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Everyone creates an account under the Free Account Plan: your 5 teammates and you.
You create a Team plan, it comes with 2 seats already, for 70/month. You add 4 other seats at 35/month each so you can be the 6 of you in the Team Plan, and share projects. Note that designers can’t work together at the same time in the same project.

So basically, instead of having your 4 designers and yourself pay each for a Designer Account Plan (35), you pay the same price but as seats in the Team Plan, for the same benefits + the team plan.

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thx Vincent for all these informations!

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