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Why would an image keep changing in Preview depending on what other pages I visit

When I am in Design Mode, I see the image for “Sam Student” correctly. Then I go to Preview Mode, it looks correct there as well. But when I visit another page and come back to my original page, “Sam Student’s” picture changes to “Lester Loyal” (which is an image I used on that other page).

I thought maybe it had to do with the fact that I copied the original block and image over from one page to another, but there are 4 of these pictures on each of these pages, and it’s only happening with “Sam Student”.

Designer Mode:

Preview Mode: (Sam’s picture switches to Lester’s after visiting a different page)

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi @awoolsey Amy,

  • This could just be a bug between the pages. Have you deleted the image? And then copy/paste from another element that item?

  • Also, for UX, I would recommend looking at your design for larger breakpoints. I say this because when I view it on my large monitor things are a bit offputting. Meaning that the text information is spread out and is very hard to read. The new breakpoint/sizing controls are there for this such design layout on smaller monitors.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

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Thanks, Brandon. I will try deleting and trying again. That fixed this same problem I had yesterday with a different picture. Since the same issue happened again, I thought I’d ask to see if I was doing something wrong, or there was a better/proper way to copy images (this actually came from a page duplication).

Thanks for the heads up on breakpoints. I’m on a 15.4" Macbook so I’m not seeing that. I’ll take a look at the breakpoint/sizing controls. :slight_smile:

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WHOA! So I deleted Sam Student’s picture and copy and pasted “Adam Advanced”. And now Adam Advanced" is showing up as “Edward Executive” on a totally different page and Tori Teacher is showing up as “Bella Bride” on one page and “Victor Verification” on another. This is so weird.


Do you know how to add combo classes? If so I would recommend this for each of the other pages.

This has to do with the same class name and different images.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

You bet. I wasn’t sure if CSS could mess with the images or not (since images are in html).

I exported the code and put it on my local dev server. This issue does not exist on my local dev. It only seems to happen in Webflow’s Preview. - Weird.

So, I just bought Webflow 2 days ago so I’m pretty new at it. When you refer to the “breakpoint/sizing controls” are you talking about the desktop/tablet/landscape/portrait icons on the top of the screen? Because I am using the desktop size there. Are there other options? Thanks!

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I sent you my response your DM’d msg.

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