Why won't this script run on my page?

I cannot figure out why a script I am trying to use doesn’t work. I cloned Countdown Timer and it works fine on that installed site (below). I created a new site in my console with nothing but this script to make sure there are no conflicts with other scripts. I’m novice JS, but can sometimes figure it out if I look on the console. Not this time.

What’s up with this script? Please help. Here’s the site that is live that is not working:

Here’s the Countdown Timer test site that is working:

Here is the site with the timer that is not working:

Here is the site with a working counter script:

Your script appears to be running fine, generating no errors, and it’s targeting your elements correctly, you can see because its changing them to NaN.


That indicates a type conversion problem somewhere.

The only difference between your versions is the date line, specifically the inclusion of an hour. I’d try changing that to 00 and see if it works. If it does, you know what you’re looking for…


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That was it, Michael. I’ll need to start using a script comparison tool because I really thought I saw all the differences!

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