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Why won't my animation turn off on mobile?

Okay so I have a slider with animation on it and I have the item display none on mobile but it’s still showing up on my phone when I view it. Help??

Try putting these settings on the slider. I selected the Section named slider and it had no effects in it so I will show what exactly to change. Hope this helps. :wink:

Won’t that make the slider now show on the tablet and mobile though?

It says Desktop only…:wink: Below the buttons…

But I want the slider to appear on the tablet and mobile, just not the animation.

Ohh, you can’t do this in Webflow yet. A way around it is to create a copy of this section and then make one with interactions visible on desktop, and the other one without interactions visible on mobile and tablet. :wink:

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Hmm okay I’ll do that! Thank you!

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