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Why Webflow still doesn't support webP images?

Why WebFlow still doesn’t support webP images? All modern browsers and operating systems already support webp. Here are some links that prove this:
Where can I go to change the configuration so I can use webp?

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Here is my take on why it’s not currently an option. Since Webflow has a “static” asset CDN, Webflow would need to generate a new set of assets (webP) in addition to the asset type. This would require a huge batch process (think of all the images) and then there would need to be detection since you would still need to serve the “old image type” assets when a browser version can’t handle webP. This would also have a large impact on budgets as the additional assets would balloon the storage requirements.

I believe until Webflow rolls out an Image CDN that supports transformations this won’t happen. In the mean time you can use one (image CDN) and deliver the assets with custom code. Sure would be great if you could simply point to remote images (on an image CDN) everywhere you can use a WF asset, but they don’t support that unless it’s custom code. A reason I won’t use Webflow for image intensive projects.

Hope this ads some clarity. Sure would be nice to know if this is on Webflow’s roadmap.


How about JPEG2000 or JPEG XR? Can we use these in the assets part of Webflow?

If so, how likely is it to speed up page load times compared to WebP, or retroactively, PNG?

Not supported by Webflow in assets.

hi @TylerLuce I will only ask why you would like to use these old formats when they aren’t for long time supported with browsers. I thing that main focus should be on good practice for image optimisation of standard formats.