Why Webflow doesn't have a Google Auth solution?

Am i the only one who is in lack of resource for Google Auth? There are some things you can do no time in Wordpress, impossible with Webflow. Why should i use Memberstack or any other plugin in order to unlock Google log in button? And, why this community is so unalive? It’s a dead community, there is no reply from any mods, nobody cares what’s happening on the forum.

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No, I have needed that myself. I choose WP with Bricks Builder or Astro.Build, almost every build over Webflow these days. I am tired of waiting for core improvements by Webflow and a complete lack of a roadmap that allows me to plan.

I, for one, have spent countless hours (literally hundreds) helping people in this forum. Most of that effort goes unnoticed. Webflow used to participate here but has mostly abandoned the forum. Most of the community mods that were active in the past have departed. It’s depressing, except for @memetican, who goes beyond anyone’s expectations, and a handful of others who spend hours helping others for an occasional thank you.

I just migrated another site off to self-hosting to deal with poor performance, SEO factors, and depreciated API (jQuery 3.5.1, and the client noticed it, too), which Google will throw errors on before long. I still help where I can, but you don’t see all the spam I deal with that burns up my help quota almost all the time.

People should vote with pocketbooks if they don’t like what is happening.

I would love to see more people lead by example. It would make this a better place for all. Maybe everyone is burned out. Who knows. Good luck to you.

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