Why video player is not working (copy & paste)


I’m building a website from free templates. So far, I’ve managed to do well but there’s one issue i have.
I tried to copy and paste this template video into my design. When publishing the website, the video doesn’t play.

Do you know how i can fix this?

Original template : 🔥 Flowplay - Custom Vimeo Player - Webflow
read-only link : Webflow - Dom.A's Stupendous Site


Hello @Dom.A_Far, you need to copy the code from the template’s page settings

I hope this helps!

Thanks @Pablo_Cortes ! i guess you need a specific plan to access the code?

I don’t think you do, just copy and paste that code from the template into your project, same place before tag, you already have some code there, make sure the template’s code goes before your code. I hope this helps.

Thanks !

It worked :slight_smile: