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Why this Forum Rocks!

As a relative newbie to Webflow and website development in general, having a forum like this to ask for help is incredible. I really, really appreciate all the rock stars who hop on almost daily and provide me direction on my questions. It’s really great that so many people give so freely their advice and experience to help us less smart get the most out of a phenomenal tool like Webflow.

Thanks again to everyone who has provided me assistance and will come to my aid in the future.



You are welcome to Webflow-galactic.


@chrisgreer33 you’re not less smart, you just don’t have the experience yet. Keep going and keep participating in the forum and soon you will be the person helping everyone else out. :smile:


It is refreshing to have a Forum where people don’t reflexively blame the poster for something that seems not to work. Thanks for all who help!


This is the welcoming culture of the webflow community. Thanks for being a part of it and spreading the love forward.

When people aren’t afraid to ask questions and are able to learn in a creative environment, great things happen.



Bashing newcomers and newly-introduced web designers is just ridiculous behaviour. I bet any one who put their interest, heart and soul into web design have an intention, intentional or not, to make the web a little more beautiful than it is. Why should we not help people strive towards that goal?

If you wonder about something, what ever it may be, ask questions! Just do it! :slight_smile: