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Why these columns are not stacking?(noob)

i’m new in using columns I want to stack them automatically into mobile view. how can i achieve that?

You can modify the column layout per breakpoint in the Element Settings after clicking on your parent column element:

That said, I’d recommend you look into using flexbox or grid for these types of sections as you’ll have more control and flexibility when choosing how your columns respond to smaller breakpoints.

thanks, i primarily used grids but I just want to try columns, thanks!
so it’s not automatic in columns?

Personally I feel like columns are all but depreciated so I’d stick with what you’ve used the in past.

so it’s not automatic in columns?

Technically it defaults to stacking columns on both mobile breakpoints, however keep in mind that any styles or changes to the column settings will override how it behaves “out of the box”.

i’ve learned a lot thanks!