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Why the free host refuse to host webflow site

Could anyone recomend free host to host webflow site. I receive responses that it can be hosted only on webflow - it’s like saying WordPress can be hosted on WordPress only.
I’ll upload originall message from host.!

Wordpress requires PHP and MySQL to be installed on the server, so that can be a reason to refuse to host a WP site. But a static Webflow site, as long as it properly links is JS libraries (jquery) correctly, doesn’t need anything installed on the server.

However, it’s a free host, it’s their decision, move on.

thats the site im trying to host, and its been a battle lol

This is the most basic page. Should be able to host that anywhere.

I suddenly realize that 10-15 years ago there were tons of free hosting services. But today, I’m unable to tell one.


i tried 3 : web000host, x10host and … zilch :frowning:
but just last week I hosted mobirise made web - was just fine.
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You can try with 10Gb space , 1TB Bandwidth. Php my sql and No Ads. My site’s friend have full information about this. You can read here :