Why the default mobile portrait size in the designer is so small?

Hi there,
I find a bit annoying that the default size in mobile portrait is always set to 320px. When I switch to this BP I always end up changing the width to a wider size. Don’t you think it would make much sense that default size was something between 360 and 400px?

Little tip
Click the 320 number.
It pulls down a menu, change it to what ever you like.

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I already did this. But when I switch the BP and the select again the mobile portrait, it always sets to 320px.

Well that’s just wrong isn’t it.

  • 1920px: styles apply to screens 1920px wide and above
  • 1440px : styles apply to screens 1440px wide and above
  • 1280px: styles apply to screens 1280px wide and above
  • Desktop (base): styles apply to all devices unless overridden at other device breakpoints
  • Tablet: styles apply to screens 991px wide and below
  • Mobile landscape: styles apply to screens 767px wide and below
  • Mobile portrait: styles apply to screens 478px wide and below

I have looked on feature requests and its been logged since 2017 and set to planning.

I guess the manual number is so you can be finer.
I also find it strange that the breakpoint kicks in at 478 pixels but canvas defaults to 320px

My assumption is that if it works on 320 it will work on anything and you can override it but its your conscious decision.

If it was me I would allow the change per project and change the icon (mobile in this case) colour to red or something so you know its overridden.

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