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Why should I use this?

When I first heard about webflow I got super excited. However, after playing with webflow I quickly became disappointed.
Why isn’t there a feature where I can edit the html or the css?
Why use webflow if you a ninja in bootstrap?
And why do you have to ADD A CLASS to everything(this is what I hate the most!!!).

Hello @Chad_Davadi

I do not expect to be the “voice of Webflow community”, just will share my own opinion.

Because Webflow was created as a tool for help designers build the site without having the headache about coding and become some kind of bridge between designers and developers. Nobody says you have to forget Bootstrap and use Webflow instead. Everybody choose the tool which they are most comfortable with. Also, you still can add your own CSS, HTML or javaScript code to Webflow site.

Maybe you didn’t notice, but you can style some tags without adding a class name:
links, buttons, paragraphs, headings, images, unordered and ordered lists and also all elements of the rich text did not require the class names , but styling as children of one rich element.

Hope you will find the perfect tool for your needs.


If you’re mainly a web dev, imagine a designer giving you production ready front-end code so you can quickly focus on connecting that code with your back-end code.

Today designers usually give web devs a photoshop document or static mock. Then a web dev has to take time coding the front-end and making it cross-browser and cross-device compatible. Then after making sure that all works fine, THEN they get to focus on the back-end code.

Webflow helps make prototyping and web designing faster :slight_smile:

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Thank you for replying to my post. If I can figure out how to style the elements like lists, buttons etc… without classes . I will feel much better about webflow. One question I have for you is when you export code what is the difference between professional and pro ($35 a month )

One question I have for you is when you export code what is the difference between professional and pro ($35 a month )

Whether or not the Webflow marking in the code will appear. It doesn’t do anything to the look of the site, however.

:slight_smile: Professional and pro are actually the same :wink: You probably wanted to ask about difference between Personal and Professional plans
Maybe this article will help you

Here is screencast, I just pick some elements as an example



Sabanna you are awesome!! Thank you for taking the time to make that video I really appreciate it.

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@Chad_Davadi - Chad try Webflow, you won’t be disappointed sir. Not only is the tool the best of its class, the community makes it 10x better. Once you try it I guarantee you’ll be hooked!



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