Why Rich Text Connects to CMS Differently?

In a recent update of Webflow, Rich Text now connects to collection field using properties:

You have to click that mini plus icon like you do with variables or properties on components.

It used to be the usual “Get text from”. And everything else besides rich text is the old way, “Get text from”, or “Get image from”, etc.

Is this some A/B test I’m seeing? Or is this a new way of connecting elements to CMS and rich text was the first element and other elements will soon connect the same way?

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Hey @Vako_Shvili,

We are unifying more of our product and technology to use the bindings experience and capabilities that you’re used to with Components. Over time, this will be the way all bindings in Webflow works. Lightbox and Rich Text are two recent examples we’ve moved to this modern system and have a few more in the works.



Great know! And yeah, makes a lot of sense.