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Why Products data are stored within two collections (Products and SKUs)?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build an integration with Airtable to keep my products data up to date (inventory, weight, description, custom button text, etc.). I am using Integromat to link Webflow and Airtable and found out a massive issue !

Until today, I was pretty sure each product in my store was stored within the Product collection using a unique item ID. I figured it out it was not the case when I tried to connect my product catalog to Airtable…

It is looking like Webflow uses two collections to store the all the data related to products, one called Products, and another one called SKUs. Even if the UI shows the data in the same place, showing only one item ID, there are actually two collection were data is stored.

Is anyone familiar with that ? Why was is made that way ? Why Webflow looks like a mess each time data needs to be pulled out ?

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