Why my page scrolls automatically down to form?

Hello guys,

The contact form of my page is displayed as the Landing area when it opens on the browser (instead of starting from the top of the page as it supposes to behave). I’ve probably clicked somewhere … I don’t know how to restore it to its original behavior.

This happened right after published to the destination. I’m a newbie to Webflow so this might be something simple like an ID or a setting. Any help is highly appreciated.

HI @Osvaldo_Zamora that’s very common issue when form input field is in focus mode. Just remove focus from field and you should be fine.

BTW when you use search field trying to find solution you will find that here on forum is already several solved request with identical issue. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your prompt response. I really appreciate it. Thanks also for the suggestions.

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Hi @Ozzy_Zamora if provided solution solved your issue please consider to close your request as solved. :wink: